from Word Literary Magazine ’89

September 25, 2010

“Words dissemble. Words be quick. Words resemble walking sticks. Plant them. They will grow. Watch.” –James Douglas Morrison

Pete Richardson, by Mr. Schoch

by Darrell Jesonis, 1989

Always ready to make an extra buck,
Always ready to lend a hand.
He’ll let you know if he’s down on his luck,
He’s been possessed by the Tidy Bowl Man.

Our favorite place is at the Old Bridge,
Where stupid, sappy couples got to kiss.
We hang over the edge and laugh at the saps,
Having nothing to do but whistle and piss.

Have a problem? Pete’s there in a flash;
It’s like he planned it out before he got up.
If it’s a fight with your folks or the zits on your back,
He’ll listen and nod and sip coffee from a cup.

I can’t say much about the life he’s living.
It’s just so crazy…I couldn’t even start.
But I’ll tell you a little about the words he’s giving:
Every single one came straight from his heart.

by Peter L Richardson, 1989

You push those buttons to do your work for you;
If you have a problem, well you just sue.
Destroying the earth with your machinery;
You say you need truth? Why not just let it be?

Technology is destroying more than it’s creating.
Don’t you know we’ll self-destruct if you keep taking?
Techoclones killing off every kind of creature—
We need to slow down to preserve our sweet nature.

America, America,
God shed His grace on thee,
But we f*@&ed it up, we screwed it up,
From sea to blackened sea!

We have this life to live only for a little while,
Get out from behind that desk and try to smile.
So worried to discover the wonders of the universe,
Not caring that you destroy the wonders of the earth.

The Power To Fly
by Peter L Richardson, 1989

If you had the power to do what you want,
Would you take care of it, or would you have fun?

If you had the brains to solve the world’s problems,
Would you get rich and not even care?

If you could fly as high as the sky,
Would you save me, or would you let me die?

Love is Going Outta Style
by Peter L Richardson, 1989

I’m gonna give you up, ‘cause baby your love’s too hard for me.
We gotta break it up, do you think that I can’t see?
You have other men— Now, honey, I know they’re not just friends.

"Love is goin' outta style..." -PLR, '89

 What ever happened to love?
Looks like it went out of style.
What ever happened to love?
Can’t someone stay for a while?

They say a man’s love— that’s the one that’s evil.
I know that’s a lie ‘cause, a woman’s games—now that’s what’s evil.
If I don’t find real love in a while,
     well, I know, I know, love is goin’ out of style.

"Ode To The Marlboro Man" -PLR, '89


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