Vivian: In Memoriam

April 19, 2012

Without life you become earth, the bearer of herb, rock, seed, root. You are the energy of ocean, the force behind mountains. You are gravity. You are echo. You are the mother of dreams, the father of song, the child of eternity.  -Vivian Branton, “Absence”

Space is the place
you dropped out of
Like an angel
into my dark night.

Drifting through the cosmos
all stardust unawares
When your hand reached down
spun me ’round
And planted a compass
and a drum in my heart.

Like seed in the dirt
Your vibrant rainbow voice
Into the cracked holes of my soul
Until I began to believe
in the dream.

Now you return to the ethereal chorus
Singing in the great cloud of witness.
Your tune weaving in, out and around
stands out from the rest,
Your heartbeat rythmn
competes and completed with the best.

But your mark is still among us earthdwellers.
Your garden grows deep within my own,
and now I spread the seed
you once planted in me;
I set the compass for
drifters in the sea.
Fruit grown from the kindness you once shared with me:
“Ya know what I mean, jellybean?”

I will not waste your legacy.

Peter L Richardson



4 Responses to “Vivian: In Memoriam”

  1. Phil Says:

    She was my 10th grade English teacher back around ’92. I was feeling nostalgic tonight and decided to google some of my old instructors that made an impression on me. She was the first I thought of and I am really sad to find out she’s no longer here. She was an amazing teacher. In math and science I learned facts. In her class I learned about life.

  2. terry Says:

    What a tribute. How’d you know Viv? She was a friend of mine since high school. Beautiful woman.
    Just read your post. Would love to k ow more…what she taught you. If you have time…

  3. peterrock12 Says:

    Hello Terry, Vivian was my high school English teacher. She had a big impact on me and we kept in touch after I graduated and connected every few years or so. She inspired me to become a teacher myself. We were in the middle of an e-mail conversation and talking about catching up over coffee when I found out she passed. Wish I had taken advantage of spending more time sitting under her wisdom and being a better friend while she was still with us…

  4. McKenzie Jones Says:

    I’m Kenzie, Vivian’s youngest daughter. I’ve been to this site so many times to read “Absence” as well as your beautiful poem. I get tears every time. I could not begin to tell you what this post means to me. I’d love if you could shoot me an email. Thank you, thank you thank you.

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